Want to combine your academic interests with social opportunities? Joining an academic society is a great way to do just that! Academic societies plan mixers, host bake sales, and fundraise for a variety of causes. These groups will give you lots of opportunities to network with faculty and other students who share your academic interests.


If you’re looking to stay in shape and have some fun while you’re at it, athletic clubs and societies are a great place to start! Check out this section to see what kind of student-run athletic groups exist at MUN.


Looking for people who share your beliefs, or want to learn more about different religions? Faith-based student groups support and educate students, so click here to check them out!


Interested in other cultures and want to learn more? Missing your home culture? Meet new friends, attend cultural events, and share in special occasions and celebrations with one of the International clubs on campus!


Want to get more involved in politics or want to learn more? Check out one of the political groups on campus, both partisan and non-partisan, that discuss and hold politically-related events for students at MUN.


Live on campus and bored with studying? Residence societies exist for most houses, courts and towers on campus, and plan events for students living on-campus to make them feel at home and involved in their community.


If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community or help others, service groups are a great place to start. These groups organize events, fundraise, and generally support the cause of their choice.

Social Justice

Concerned about social justice? These groups, often chapters of larger initiatives, can help you get involved in social justice organizations and support a cause you believe in.


Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Check here to see the clubs and societies that don’t fit into the other sections!