Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

MUN Medicine's Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is a group for medical students who are interested in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. We hold lecture series, talks, and skills presentations to group members. It is our objective to stimulate interest in this field, as well as provide practical knowledge and skills to our medical students.
Contact: Zachary Warren, MS II

The F/Stops Here

The F/Stops Here! is a group of St John's-based phototakers who spend valuable study-time conducting 8-hour photo shoots, using as many strobes as possible. Using Canon cameras.
Contact: Stephanie Robinson

Lucid Lounge - A Gamer's Paradise

Basically, just to give you a little detail, we am part of an organized group that plays FIFA on PS3 on a regular basis. Initially it was just a regular home surrounding where us house mates would play daily. Then we started having a monthly tournament where we would invite friends to come play with us. We started having tournaments from January '11 with just 6 members and as word spread around the number of people attending the event each month started

This group/club is open to everyone regardless of age. 

At the of december, The end of year tournament "Championship of champions" in which monthly champions from January - December will take the stage and true winner will be crowned, followed by an year end formal. 

Slowly we will expand this club into other sporting games such as NBA, NHL, etc
Contact: Saad Ahmed

Memorial Baja

Memorial Baja is a group of Memorial University Engineering students working together to meet the various demands encountered in building an off-road racing vehicle. From marketing to advanced engineering design, students are challenged and ultimately brought together in a positive learning experience.
The Baja SAE vehicle that the team builds is a single seat off-road racer weighing under 500 pounds and capable of speeds up to 50 Km/hr.

Contact: Tim Clements

Memorial Photography Society

The Memorial Photography Society is a fairly new, but extremly active society dedicated to furthering creative abilities and meeting people with similar interests. We want to create a fun environment that encourages individual growth and learning. All levels of photography are welcome, beginners to experts. Everyone is welcome here.
Contact: Perin Squires

MUN Anime Film Club

The MUN Anime Film Club is dedicated to providing a place where anime fans can meet, watch anime, discuss and have fun. Our biweekly showings are open to everyone who wants to join, free of charge.
Contact: Rowena McGowan

MUN Drama

MUN Drama exists to support students interested in film and theatre. MUN Drama provides members with opportunities to explore all facets of theatre. Through partnerships with established artists and companies, MUN Drama allows members to gain invaluable experience and mentoring.
Contact: Darren Ivany

MUN Geek Society

Our mission is to provide a place for people to explore alternative forms of entertainment. We hope that this society will be a place for people whose interests have had them labeled with words like nerd, dork, weird, strange, eccentric, and geek to congregate and share these interests; whether they be cinematic, technological, game-based, or literary. The society is open to anyone who is interested, and we are always looking for new people with new interests to share.
Contact: Jennifer Graham

MUN Sailbot

The MUN Sailbot team builds autonomous sailing vessels for competition. We are a group of Engineering students from various disciplines, both senior and junior students, although being in the Faculty of Engineering is certainly not a prerequisite for joining the team.
Contact: Mike Manuel

MUN Swing Club

Inspired by the lack of swing dancing in St.Johns, enthusiastic MUN student took on the challenge of starting a swing dancing community in St.John's! With the goal of hosting weekly lessons and swing events, soon St.John's will be as hoppin' as New Orleans! 
MUN Swing Club runs dancing lessons as well as social events. No partner, experience, or coordination is required—just an itch to move to great music and meet new people.

Contact: Chantelle Jubenville
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